Pylote Publication - Highlighting the Microbial Contamination of the Dropper Tip and Cap of In-Use Eye Drops, the Associated Contributory Factors, and the Risk of Infection: A Past-30-Years Literature Review

This scientific publication led by Pylote on the proven risk of microbial contamination represented by the tips and caps of ophthalmic droppers:

  • Study conducted by recognized scientists from the hospital and university communities, associated with Pylote.

  • Evidence from 30 years of scientific studies has shown that the handling of eye drops by patients, caregivers and health care providers is a proven risk for dropper tip contamination.

  • The proven microbial risk is therefore mainly present on the plastic parts of these eye drops and represents a risk of infection.

  • A public health issue in terms of treatment costs for bacterial conjunctivitis, while there is no treatment for the more common viral cause.

  • Our antimicrobial mineral technology addresses these proven risks without side effects or release.

  • Antimicrobial ophthalmic droppers that address these proven risks are already on the market with Activated Rispharm, the first multi-dose ophthalmic dropper for preserved formulas, developed and marketed in partnership with the American medical packaging giant Berry Global, which contributes perfectly to the control of the risk of contamination and infection.

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