On environment & sustainable development

Pylote commits to contribute to Goal 12 of United Nations Development programme related to « Responsible consumption and production »

Our process

Green-tech production process, in one manufacturing step using only air, water and thermal heat, without any organic solvent, and generating no waste.

Our technology

100% mineral (high purity composition), no nano.

Our solution

Integration into existing products and existing supply chain, with the aim to constantly reduce the environmental footprint.

At our industrial
partners' level

Simplification and rationalization of the materials and packaging, reduction of CO2 footprint, no environmental impact on existing manufacturing process, no change at the end of life chain, fully recyclable.

At consumers' level

Waste reduction, product lifetime increase, fully recyclable.

On regulatory compliance

Compliance on several market segments and territories :
Pharma, cosmetic, food, aeronautic & industry

On objective results

Focused on accompaniment to success, Pylote carries out all steps to ensure product authorization and market launch.
All results given by Pylote are established by independent and certified laboratories from R&D studies to finished products authorization.

On accompaniment to success

Complete industrial package